Frequently Asked Questions

We want to book the Logic for our event/bar!

We’d love to play for you! Feel free to call us at 828-381-7896 or email us.

Do you play: weddings, corporate events or parties?

Yes. However, a non-refundable deposit and contract is required as retainer for any non-bar gigs.

Does booking the Logic require a deposit?

Yes. The Logic requires a deposit for any non-bar or non-club event, such as: weddings, corporate events or parties. A deposit is not required for festivals or clubs.

Why is the deposit nonrefundable?

Because we book in advance for months on end. Sometimes we book as far up as a year in advance- especially with weddings. We’re not just musicians, but we’re also business owners, parents, and employees. Scheduling is very important to all of us.

What is included when we hire the Logic?

  • full production of speakers and light show with LED lights, lasers and fog.
  • 3 one-hour sets (with two breaks), or two 1.5 hour sets with 1 break.
  • Inbetween set music with iPod
  • Glow bracelets- if the crowd is larger than 50 people.
  • Really, really bad jokes told between Chad and Strut.

We want to hire the Logic for our wedding! What do we need to do?

  • Call us at 828-381-7896 or email us for availability. You can also look at our current schedule here.
  • We have a base price for weddings in Hickory, North Carolina. Travel outside of Hickory can be accommodated.
  • There is a non-refundable deposit.
  • If outdoors, there has to be provisions in cases of inclement weather and performing in the sun (tent, covering). We will not perform in direct sunlight.
  • If performing outside, there needs to be a stage or covering. We will not perform on the ground for safety reasons.

Do you play Beach music?

Nope. But we have friends who do. Take a look at our friends from the Extraordinaires.

Is the Logic with an agency?

No, although we have worked with a select few from time to time. In our almost-two decades of experiences in booking, we find it an easier relationship – and better – for both the venue/event and the band to leave out the middle man

We are a Charity and want to book the Logic!

Awesome! We admire folks who are trying to leave this world a better place than what they came into! The members themselves do charity work on many levels, but we are NOT a charity band. We do, however, have discounted rate for Non-Profits.

What do we need to have for the Logic to play our venue/event?

  • For starters, adequate power. We need two separate circuits to handle the power load. Most older homes do not have adequate power (if it’s a private party).
  • If outside, cover must be provided for not only protection from the sun, but inclement weather.
  • For festivals, we need adequate set-up time. If the festival is providing sound and lights, then we’ll need about 45 minutes.
  • It’s a good idea to have adequate dancing room… since we’re a dance band and all. 🙂

How long does it take the Logic to setup?

It takes the Logic between 2-3 hours to set-up full production- and it can take longer in new venues or locations. We run a full network on stage, in addition to our PA (speakers) and lights.

Sometimes you are 3-piece; sometimes four. Does that make a difference in your booking price?

No. Absolutely not. Our pay is not based on the number of members. We still will play the same show with the same set-up. By law (and by our contracts) the artistic presentation responsibility belongs solely to the presenter (the Logic). Anyone thinking that we should charge less than agreed because of one less member must concede to pay us more if we suddenly decide to show up with extra members.