History / Bio

The journey began with a single note

The Logic began in the summer of 1998, when founder/front man Chad Austin began a jam session with the sole purpose of creating original songs. After several months- and about 15 songs later, the jam session turned into a band, and they soon realized they wanted to take their songs to the next level and perform live. By May of 1999, the band, calling themselves the Logic, found themselves hitting the stage.

For the first several years, the Logic focused on mainly original material. But, as the Logic started playing more and more shows, more cover tunes started appearing in the set lists. By 2003, the Logic had acquired a full cover tune show.

The real turn of events involved several catalysts. First, the Logic began using sequencers, samples and advanced MIDI programming to enhance and control their sound. This allowed them the flexibility of contemporary production to better bring songs to life. The second eventful moment was when the Logic started competing with DJ’s by focusing on contemporary dance music fused with rock. This led to the tag line “the Carolina’s most contemporary cover band.”

These factors have allowed the Logic to enjoy levels of creative success not normally attributed to cover bands. They’ve played for hundreds of thousands of people since their beginning. They’ve enjoyed professional longevity beyond that of National Acts with very little turnover. They have a live concert DVD, multiple albums, and their original song “Catalyst” went #1 on the World Wide Broadjam Modern Rock charts in 2006. They’ve worked with national acts and Grammy winning Producers/Engineers. The Logic has broken attendance records at major clubs and events across NC. They’ve performed for weddings, corporate events, bars, clubs, parties… and just about every type of entertainment event on the East Coast.

It’s never stopped for the Logic. They’re just now leaving orbit and headed for the stars.