Crew – Richie Fox

Richie Fox

Who’s that other guy?

Richie Fox, the Logic mug shotWe get this all the time: “Who’s that guy in the back?”

Richie Fox is integral part of the group- even though he doesn’t actively play an instrument in the group.

He’s there at the beginning of the set-up, and one of the last to leave. He knows every cable, every instrument, every light, and every set-up onstage. He works tirelessly from the time he arrives until the whole set-up is running. He begins striking the set immediately after the last song.

Richie takes care of the stage so the guys can take care of schmoozing the public. Without Richie’s help, there would be little to no mingling before or after.

The Relationship goes deeper than that.

Richie is also Logic guitarist Eric Benfield’s half-brother.

You can tell because they look so much alike.